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Should everyone take acid?No because you have to ask the right question to take it. Do you want a one-on-one with your maker?

And what if the answer is yes, even if you’ve got a mental illness?Well there’s a correlation between acid and curing mental illness. I realized after my beautiful accidental rebirth that what we usually call psychology is actually just art.
You use a lot of complicated metaphors.No, I just use the truth.

—Mark McCloud, the San Francisco man who has 30,000 tabs of LSD in his house, sounds exactly like you’d expect
4 more months to go…
Once you decide on your occupation you must immerse yourself Inyour job. 
You have to fall in love with your work, never complain about your job.You must dedicate your life 
mastering your skill.that’s the secret to success #jirotoldmethat